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feeling the train

A pretty thick slice of hell That was life so far But today things will change Today he was six years old and that meant old enough to guide his blind father on the streets The old man was only blind for a year after some work related accident involving acid And there was a mother somewhere too. She left shortly after father’s accident Today father held on to his son’s shirt at the shoulder and told him to walk towards the railway “I want to listen to the train,” said father but it turned out he wanted much more than that. He wanted to feel the train. Against his face So he stood on the rails and told the kid to go back home and return after an hour or so “Okay,” said the kid. But he didn’t leave. He watched from a safe distance Didn’t even find the event particularly disturbing Then he went back home and had some fruit loops with milk and his first taste of beer He had become a man

feeling the train

Waiting For The Inauguration, I Snark + Laugh + Celebrate A Blogging Milestone

Tomorrow is THE DAY when 81,009,468 Americans finally will get to say: “Don’t let the door hit you on the butt as you leave, Donald. You’re fired.” [Lock him up.] I tell ‘ya, what a clusterfork these last four years have been*. I’m emotionally exhausted by the hate, intellectually tired of the stupidity, and morally […]

Waiting For The Inauguration, I Snark + Laugh + Celebrate A Blogging Milestone

An inadequate thank you to book bloggers

I didn’t blog much in 2020 –I didn’t feel I had much to say, if I’m honest I still don’t.  We all know how terrible the year was. As a family, we’ve faced challenges the same as everybody else; illness, hospital admissions, bereavement, an accident, a decline in health, the list is endless. My creativity was […]

An inadequate thank you to book bloggers

Pre-Christmas post from Star and Stripes – 75th Anniversary

In The Past 1964, a Vietnam Christmas for Bob Hope Bob Hope brings Christmas cheer to troops in Vietnam 1964 | BIEN HOA, South Vietnam — Bob Hope brought some laughter to a place of war Christmas Eve. READ MORE Residents of an outer island of Palau retrieve boxes from the U.S. Air Force’s 1999 Christmas […]

Pre-Christmas post from Star and Stripes – 75th Anniversary


Cherish your vision, Cherish your ideas; Cherish your dreams, Cherish the beauty that form in your mind; You’ve got a new story to write. If you remain true to yourself, everything is possible. He who conquered doubt and fear has conquered failure. With love 💖, © Anjali Sharma, Positive Side Of The Coin